Random Joke PNG -


An API Key is required and is provide by RapidAPI

API response format:

All API endpoints follow their respective browser URLs, but we adjust the response formatting to be more suited for an API based on the provided HTTP Accept header.

Accepted Accept headers:

  • text/html - HTML response (default response format)
  • application/json - JSON response
  • text/plain - Plain text response

Note: Requests made via curl which do not set an Accept header will respond with text/plain by default.


GET https://dad-jokes.p.rapidapi.com/random/joke/png

    "success": true,
    "body": {
        "_id": "60dd365e89ff41e084e26f84",
        "setup": "Anyone know how to lift a house?",
        "punchline": "My girlfriend wants me to put foundation on her face.",
        "type": "foundation",
        "likes": [],
        "author": {
            "name": "unknown",
            "id": null
        "approved": true,
        "date": 1618108661,
        "image": "data:image/png;base64,..."